Temporary Partial Closure Weebar Road Drouin

In advance of an upgrade to the Gould Street/Weebar Road/Main South Road intersection, the Department of Transport has required Weebar Road to be partially closed. Weebar Road will be closed to northbound vehicles only at the King Parrot Roundabout until completion of the roundabout at Gould Street. Completion of the roundabout is subject to design by Baw Baw Shire Council, approval by the Department of Transport, and subsequent construction.

For more information please call 1300 128 926


Who decided Weebar Rd needs to be partially closed like this?

The temporary partial closure is a new requirement of the Department of Transport (formerly Vicroads) to allow the Ferntree Ridge Estate development to progress.

Who does this closure affect?

It affects drivers exiting Stages 1-9 of the Ferntree Ridge Estate, and also drivers exiting Weebar Road properties numbered 120 and above.

What has the Council (ie Shire of Baw Baw) got to do with this?

The Shire of Baw Baw is responsible for designing the Gould Street roundabout, and having the design approved by Department of Transport (known previously as Vicroads). Council’s design is estimated to be finished and approved by end 2021.

The Shire of Baw Baw is the responsible authority for the Ferntree Ridge development’s planning permit, including the decision to enable the Department of Transport to require the temporary road closure. The planning permit contains the Department of Transport’s new requirement to partially close Weebar Road, and a requirement to construct the Gould Street roundabout.

What has the Ferntree Ridge Estate developer got to do with this?

The developer is responsible to construct the Gould Street roundabout after Council has designed it, implement the temporary partial Weebar Road closure, and organise the public communications about the Weebar Road temporary partial closure.

Who will pay to upgrade the Gould Street/Weebar Road/Main South Road intersection?

The cost of the Gould Street roundabout design and construction will be borne entirely by the developers of Drouin Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) land, via their compulsory payments to the Development Contributions Plan (DCP) scheme.


What exactly will be blocked off?

Vehicles will be stopped from travelling northbound directly towards Drouin on Weebar Road, at the Weebar Road / King Parrot Blvd roundabout. Instead, they will need to drive along Illawarra Blvd to Main South Road.

Will I still be able to drive straight down Weebar Road from Drouin, and turn left in to the Ferntree Ridge Estate at King Parrot Blvd?


Will I still be able to drive straight down Weebar Road from Drouin, to all the farms and homes on Weebar Road?


Will this restrict residents who live between 1 Weebar Road and 76 Weebar Road, who drive to and from Main South Road?

No. Those residents can still use Weebar Road, same as they did before, to drive to and from Main South Road.

Will this affect Weebar Road properties numbered 120 and above, who want to drive straight up Weebar Road towards Drouin?

Yes. They’ll no longer be able to continue along Weebar Road towards Drouin at the King Parrot Blvd Roundabout. Instead, they’ll need to turn left at the King Parrot Blvd roundabout, then head along Illawarra Boulevard to Main South Road.

Will I still be able to drive from the Ferntree Ridge Estate along King Parrot Boulevard to the Weebar Road roundabout, then turn right to go to Drouin via Weebar Road?

No. You’ll need to go straight ahead, along Illawarra Blvd, to the recently-constructed Main South Road roundabout. Then turn right at Main South Road to head to Drouin.

Will this partial Weebar Road closure restrict access to the Drouin town centre for residents and businesses in Gould Street, Smethurst Street, Ronalds Court, Hogan Court, Kraft Crescent and Davey Drive?

No. Traffic from these properties will still have the same road access heading to and from the Drouin town centre as they do now.


When will the partial closure start?

The partial closure is now in place.

When will the closure end?

After the Gould Street/Weebar Road/Main South Road roundabout is completed (also known as the Gould Street roundabout). Completion of the Gould Street roundabout, and therefore the full re-opening of Weebar Road, is currently estimated at October 2022.

When will the Gould Street roundabout be finished?

It is waiting for Council to design it, then Department of Transport (formerly called Vicroads) to approve it, before it can be built. It is expected to be finished by October 2022 if the administrative arrangements can happen quickly.

How long will it take to build the Gould Street roundabout, after construction starts?

Approximately 10 months.


Where will the closure be?

The partial closure is at the Weebar Road/King Parrot Boulevard/Illawarra Boulevard roundabout. The northern Weebar Road exit (ie the leg going uphill towards Main South Road and Drouin) will be closed to all traffic. Instead, traffic will be detoured west along Illawarra Boulevard to Main South Road.

Where is Illawarra Boulevard? It isn’t in Google Maps.

Illawarra Boulevard is the extension of King Parrot Boulevard, connecting to Main South Road. It is the brand new road link between Main South Road and Weebar Road. It is scheduled to open to westbound traffic on 3 November 2021, when the Weebar Road temporary partial closure begins.

Where is Gould Street?

Gould Street connects to the intersection of Weebar Road and Main South Road, between the Ferntree Ridge Estate and the railway line bridge.

Where is the Gould Street roundabout going to be built?

It is currently the complicated intersection at Gould Street/Weebar Road/Main South Road, which is to be converted into a roundabout.


How will the road be closed?

With barriers and signs, to ensure the closure is safe and the public is well informed.

How much longer/further will the detour take to drive?

The detour adds roughly 1.5km to the trip to Drouin, along Main South Road. Using the 60km/h speed limit on Main South Road, this would add about 90 seconds to the journey.

Illawarra Boulevard is still under construction. Will it open in time?

Yes. The temporary partial Weebar Road closure will only occur after Illawarra Blvd is opened, to allow the detour.

How is the public being notified of this change?

Via signage, public notices in the local newspapers, leaflet drops, social media posts, website updates and emails directly to affected homeowners.

How do I ask more questions about this?

Call the Weebar Road closure hotline on 1300 128 926.

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